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741 Piedmont Ave 
Suite 400
AtlantaGeorgia 30308
(404) 369-5206


The address is 741 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta, 30308. It's at the corner of Piedmont Ave. and 4th Street. It's an old big blue house on the right side of the street called Piedmont Executive Suites. I'm in the front on the right side. Suite 200. You'll see my name on the bottom of the door. The door code is 1579*. There is free parking in the back of the building and on the side of the street next to the building. You can park in front of the building before 4pm, however after 4pm you will get a ticket. To get to the parking lot, go past the building and turn right on 5th street. Then turn Right on Myrtle street and then right on 4th. The lot is in the back of the building. Go up the stairs and the waiting room is straight ahead (the room with the big table covered in magazines). I'll meet you there. The door code again is 1579*

ADDitional Location

1260 Concord Rd 
SmyrnaGeorgia 30080
(404) 369-5206

Additional location Directions

In the Concord Summit Office Park The sign out front says Concord Summit 1246-1264 7 red brick 2 story buildings The office is between Atlanta Rd and south Cobb drive. 1/4 mile from Atlanta Road on the left. 1/2 mile from S. Cobb Dr. On the right. If coming from Atlanta Rd, Turn onto Concord Rd. Go 1/4 mile passing traffic light at king street. As you go around the curve, the complex is on the left. Make a u turn at King Springs. Turn rt On Hunter Street to the last red brick building on the left. If coming from S. Cobb drive, go up Concord. After you pass light at King Springs, Hunter Street will be 2nd Street on Rt. You'll see my name on the 1260 Concord Summit Sign. Park anywhere in the lot. Walk through front door of 1260 Building into the waiting room. I'll meet you there.




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